Wednesday, 5 October 2011

unison banner

 This is a banner I was recently commissioned to design for Unison. Above is my original design, which was cut from coloured paper. The design is a nod to traditional trade union banners. Below are photos of the banner itself, which was made by Ed Hall, a renowned and well respected banner maker (more on him here). These were taken just before and during the October 1st march through Glasgow, through rain like you have never seen.
I have never been so wet in my entire life.


Kristoff's Circles

An illustrated story about my imaginary friend, Kristoff, an octopus with hypnotic abilities and a rather unhealthy taste for power.


Look at me! I can sew!

The Co-operative Programme

When not eating or drawing I co-host a radio show on subcity. We've interviewed a lot of interesting people and played some excellent music. There are also a lot of really good links on the blog. Go and have a look.

I didn't make this. But I did photograph it in its natural habitat . . .

D&AD Comp

Response to a competition brief to try and find a way to sell hp workstations to creatives. This is an advert for a magazine, or maybe a billboard, or a beermat or something.